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About the Author

Daniel M. Meza

Inspired and challenged, having been raised by a single mother on welfare in an East Los Angeles housing project, I began a life long journey seeking to discover the keys needed to become a success in this life. Three major keys to my life’s success were gifted to me by my mother Mary, who showed me unconditional love, a belief in me, and implanted in me her unwavering Faith in God, and a guarantee that He also loved me. From this standpoint alone, I can say that I did have a privileged childhood.

And in life, I’ve also had career successes as a supervisor with Pacific Bell (thirty years service), in the Public school system, worked internationally as a Project Manager, and attained my lifelong dream job as a Probation Officer for the County of Los Angeles. Why my dream job? Because, as a juvenile, I was once placed on probation. Educationally, I attained an Associate, Bachelors (graduating Summa Cum Laude—straight A’s), and a Masters Degree in Business. I might add that I started my college education late in life starting at the age of 52. Why? Because it was my life long desire to go to college. Discovering how to create that long sought after “Success Attitude” has been one of the crowning achievements of my life. Now, I encourage you to go for your dreams.

About the Book

Zip Code 265431: The Zip Code of Success

This Success Attitude has until now been a mystery, because in the past, everyone has referred to it by saying: “you need a better ‘attitude’…,” or “you’ll never be a success with an attitude like that!” But, no-one ever shows you how to create this success attitude they were referring to, because no-one actually knew how,…not UNTIL NOW! This book teaches that a Positive attitude, and the Success Attitude itself are two different things. A Positive attitude is simply doing the best you know how—your best shot.

But life is about learning. What this book reveals is that the Success attitude is a stand alone entity that contains its own rules, skills, and a sure plan for attaining success when applied to any task, relationship, or career. And, this is something you can learn and become very skillful at. This unique, one of a kind book found nowhere else, presents a Six Code, easy to follow formula to solve “The Success Attitude” puzzle. This easy to read book, will empower you with an expectation and confidence that you can be successful at anything you target to achieve. So, get ready to pursue and attain your Dreams, and begin living a lifestyle of Success.

Excerpt 1

“Should be required reading for all junior and senior high students before negative thinking becomes a lifestyle,” Joan Merrit, M. S. Education in Counseling.

Excerpt 2

 “I’ve read a lot of self help books, but this book is so simple, so perfect, and so complete,” Ken Bell, Los Angeles Dist. Attorney’s Office. School Board member.

Excerpt 3

 “This book could have a life changing effect, especially on youth who are in crisis…in changing how a person thinks, feels, and behaves.” Rose Rodriguez, Fam. & Marriage.

Excerpt 4

“Daniel Meza pulls from real life experiences…and gives us examples on how we view ourselves as Victor or Victim impacts our ability to be a person of quality and excellence.” Fred Garlett, Ed. D., Dean, Azusa Pacific University.

Excerpt 5

“This book presents the concepts in an easy to follow formula that will appeal to individuals of any age group who are struggling to find a more successful lifestyle.” Barbara J. Gaines, retired Ventura and San Diego County Probation Department, B.S. Sociology, Masters in Public Administration, California Lutheran University.

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About the Book

The Ballerina

This story I created quickly became a favorite of children and adults alike. The Adults once hearing the story fell in love with it, and without fail have pleaded with me to write a book about the story, and wishing that one day a movie would be made of it. I finally wrote the book. The story genre is classified as: Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, and Mystery, so it has something for everyone. This story is about Jan Marie, an only child. Her father passed away resulting from a car accident when she was only two years old.

Sadly, he never gave her that beautiful Ballerina doll he had just bought for her birthday at an old town Toy Store, it having been lost in the car crash on his way home. But before he died at the hospital, he made Jan Marie’s mother promise to give Jan Marie the best education possible. To fulfill her promise, she had to work two, sometimes three jobs to be able to send her to an expensive prep school, making Jan Marie a “latch key” kid. The Ballerina doll that was lost, reappears mysteriously, and plays a major role in the ultimate life success of Jan Marie.

Daniel M. Meza's CBS Radio interview with "Benji Cole" on Benji's celebrated syndicated show: "People of Distinction"

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